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North America’s premier recruiting service for the Forest Products, Wood Products, Building Products, Mass Timber, and Biomass-Based Renewable Energy industries.

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Forest Products / Wood Products

Sawmills, Panel Manufacturing, Plywood, Oriented Strand Board (OSB), Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), Particleboard, Moulding, Millwork, Concentration/Drying/Yard Operations, Forestry and Timberlands

Building Products

Manufacturers and Distributors of a wide range of Building Products and Construction Materials.

Mass Timber

Manufacturers, Distributors, Designers, Architects, and other specialists involved in Mass Timber Projects.

Biomass-Based Renewable Energy

Wood Pellet Manufacturers and Exporters, Biomass-Based Renewable Energy Products and Generation, Carbon Credit, Wildfire Mitigation, Regenerative Forestry.

Making valuable connections for over 30 years.

It all starts with building relationships. And since 1986, we’ve built meaningful relationships with some of the top employers in the Forest Products industry across North America.

These relationships have helped us place hundreds of talented candidates in long-lasting, successful careers.

Using our proven search process and personable approach, we identify the best people for each unique position. Our goal is to find the right person who will grow and thrive with the company for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in the following industries:
  • Forest Products (including timberland and forestry)
  • Building Products
  • Mass Timber
  • Biomass-Based Renewable Energy
Our long experience with the forest products and building products industries provided us a foundation to build a strong practice in Biomass-based Renewable Energy products. More recently, as the Mass Timber industry has developed and is experiencing explosive growth, our earlier experience with Engineered Wood Products (EWP) products makes us uniquely qualified to assist companies in finding experienced and talented personnel in that segment as well.

The short answer is – “It varies.”  

Factors include: 

  • The degree of difficulty of the search 
  • How big or small the potential candidate pool is 
  • How attractive – or challenging – your company’s situation is to prospective candidates

Our value to our clients is not only in accessing candidates we have identified on past search projects but rather in our ability to find the best available talent for our clients at this current point in time.

Our long experience and track record of success in the industry.

We are not aware of any recruiting organization that has specialized in the industry for longer than we have, nor any recruiter who has likely done more business over those years than we have.

However, what we have done in the past is not as important as what we can do for our clients now.

The foundation of our company has always been honesty, integrity, a genuine concern for both our clients and candidates, and a proven process built on a true search and recruiting model.

We have enjoyed productive relationships over the years with some very large, publicly-held companies both domestic and internationally-based.

However, the majority of our client companies are very successful, financially strong, privately-held companies.

Compared to a list of Fortune 500 organizations, these companies would be considered small or mid-size companies; however many of these are among the largest companies, or even the dominant company, in their industry segment.

The bulk of our clients are based in North America – most in the US – but also a number of Canadian-headquartered companies.

We have also successfully recruited for a number of non-North American-headquartered clients over the years, primarily recruiting experienced personnel for them in North America.

We have also made successful placements for International and US-headquartered companies in Europe and Asia.

Easiest is to just call us directly at: 800 985-5191, ext 102.

Or email Jon Olson at with your contact information and some basic information and Jon will be happy to follow up with you promptly.